Inaugural Blog

Photo credit, USA Today

Hi! If you’re reading this, then it is highly likely that you already know me. But for those that don’t, and as those that do can testify, I talk a lot!

I have vivid memories as a child, the youngest of four, of my mother and siblings paying me to be quiet. It’s true! They would point to the clock on the kitchen wall, and tell me that if I didn’t say a word from the time that it took the “big hand” to move from one number to another, that I would get a quarter. I also recall, that I literally rarely if ever succeeded.

As I enter the 50th year of my life, not much has changed, I still talk a lot, and I still will not be paid to be silent.

The difference, however, is that I speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

I speak for the billions of land animals and trillions of aquatic animals who are slaughtered every single year for food.

I speak for women who are too afraid to speak for themselves.

I speak for any oppressed group who needs a voice – my voice.

I literally wake up every single day and with my voice, and my pen (or keyboard), poised to fight for justice.

Silence is not an option.

This blog will be periodic, it will be eclectic, and it will be about we can and must all do our part to make the world a kinder place.