Krista is a Woman's Woman for sure. She's the kind of executive that has her i's dotted and her t's crossed.

She empowered me to go to the next level, and even beyond where I thought I could go as a professional. If you are ready to take that leap into the next frontier of your life, get ready to roll up your sleeves. Krista will walk you all the way through to the finish line and you will be smiling from ear to ear when its done." ........oh, and remember to Keep it Rowdy! I love you woman!

Renee King-Sonnen, Executive Director & Founder
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary



Krista Hiddema is one of the most competent, resourceful, and accomplished professionals with which I have ever had the pleasure of working.

Previously colleagues, Krista and I worked collaboratively and successfully on several important animal protection initiatives. During those experiences, I was impressed by Krista's exceptional management of her team, coordination of complex and high-risk investigations, ease with media relations, comfort and skill negotiating with representatives from the highest levels of the animal agriculture industry, ability to lobby in the regulatory space, and capacity to fundraise to sustain her work.
Krista's versatility means she is able to consult on any situation in any context. Krista also holds my deepest trust as she's guided by a strong moral compass. Working with Krista has been a privilege and her many talents would be an asset to any organization."

Jaya Buhmitra, Food Empowerment Project - New Leaders Council
Animal Equality



Krista has forgotten more about leadership, strategy, and advocacy than most nonprofit consultants will ever know.

I’ve watched in awe how she’s transformed multiple organizations to help them maximize their fundraising potential, media reach, and overall impact. Bottom line: she delivers results. 

Anthony Bellotti, President/Co-Founder
Whitecoat Waste



I've had nothing but positive experiences working with Krista.

Having worked with Krista over the past two years I can say with confidence her consultation on matters large and small has made me, my projects, and our shared work better.  She's insightful, deliberate,
and fearless! 

Audrey Sanchez, Executive Director



Krista's strategic input on helping us fight the 2016 Florida black bear trophy hunt, not only helped us stop it, but taught us team building methodologies which helped us unify a state and build bridges across a multitude of animal welfare organizations.

Adam Sugalski, Executive Director
One Protest



Krista's expertise has been tremendously valuable in my work with my company's clients.

I regularly rely on Krista's counsel related to business planning and creating organizational structures in my work as a fundraising consultant. My company's partnership with Krista has allowed me to provide much more comprehensive services -- and a lot more value -- to the clients I serve. 

Nikki Bollaert, Principle
Blue Raven Strategic



Krista is a walking encyclopedia of information about intensive animal agriculture – she is my go to person on any questions I ever have, and she never lets me down.

She is a dear friend, a trusted confidant, and a blast to hang out with! 

Steve Jenkins, Esther The Wonder Pig’s Dad
Esther The Wonder Pig



Working under Krista for nearly two years, I have had the distinct privilege of seeing firsthand the determination, thought, and power with which she handles every project.

She is truly an indomitable woman, one who brings not only competence but also unique insight to everything she does. Krista has been a remarkable mentor,
a devout friend, and I am better for knowing her. 

Christina Wilson, former colleague at:
Mercy For Animals



Krista brings to the table not only strategy and insight, but an ability to tackle difficult issues by understanding how to work with people.

Her ability to get to the core of issues and understand the motives that drive decision-makers - whether that be political, personal, or business objectives, allows her to develop creative and strategic approaches that both gets things done and builds lasting relationships.

Joanna Carey, Consultant
Crestview Strategy



Krista is one of the strongest, most capable women working in the animal welfare movement.

The combination of her in-depth knowledge of farm animal welfare issues, strong negotiation skills, and ability to command the attention of a room make her a powerhouse in any corporate boardroom. Krista excels at managing the subtleties of building relationships with adversaries through her ability to construct and deliver persuasive, compelling arguments while also inspiring respect and fueling collaboration

Lauri Torgerson-White, Senior Animal Welfare Scientist
Mercy For Animals



Krista Hiddema started working as our hr consultant in april, and by june we were already talking about extending her contract.

She's amazing to work with! Krista works on several projects. Some are very big picture -- looking years into the future, thinking about growth and big goals. Other projects are more granular such as carefully re-writing a paragraph in our Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Her sharp intelligence, professional experience and dedication to human and animal rights come through no matter what she's working on. She has saved us money both from her excellent advice but also because she often comes in under budget. She's very aware of how precious nonprofit dollars are! The icing on the cake, to me, is her wonderful personality. Human resources training can be difficult. I love how she gives blunt advice that cuts right to the root of the problem without losing her sense of compassion for the people involved. And when we're working on more mundane things (like testing the conference link for a company-wide training) she always makes us laugh. She is an incredible asset to the animal movement. Every time I talk to her I'm grateful she took us on as clients!

Alex Bury, Vice President of Development
Vegan Outreach